Musical Instruments

Musical Instruments

Bring joy and melody to your house by encouraging your child to learn a musical instrument. Learn To Play Toys is proud to offer you a wide selection of Musical Instruments for Kids. Our products are not merely toys, but real instruments designed to help children learn music and develop musical talents and artistic skills.

At Learn To Play Toys, we believe children can create their own music. Our goal is to offer products that make children music makers instead of passive listeners. Many products in our selection of Musical Instruments for Kids are actually used in classrooms by music teachers and musicians promoting early childhood and elementary music education. Browse our fabulous selection of Musical Instruments for Kids below.  

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Music has Positive Effects in Children’s Lives

Playing a musical instrument has many intellectual and social benefits for children such as boosting their brain power, increasing their memory capacity, and delivering self-confidence through sense of achievement. Learning music increasingly boosts self-esteem in children as they can see themselves improving, growing and evolving from a novice to a trained musician. Kids who play musical instruments are more likely to perform better in math and science classes as music helps them develop important logical thinking and reasoning skills.

Playing with musical instruments is a healthy and constructive activity for children. Learning a new Musical Instrument provides kids with many opportunities to focus, practice, set goals and communicate through the power of music. Music introduces children to different cultures and traditions through exposure to songs and instruments originated from different parts of the world. Music when played in a group also cultivates social skills as children need to interact and collaborate with each other to create a consistent and coordinated volume of sound.  

Learning a musical instrument is more than just hitting notes, playing and having fun. It is a way for children to create sounds and express their emotions. We want you to expose your children to beats and rhythms, letting them express their feelings and learn new words and ideas. Musical Instruments for Kids will let your children compare and explore sounds, listen to words, and be creative. Music gives children the freedom to learn, play, create and have fun.

Types of Musical Instruments We Offer for Children

Learn To Play Toys gives kids the opportunity to play with core musical instruments that are easy to learn and fun to play. Our musical instruments help children find their true talents and cultivate their musical skills. Our extensive line of Musical Instruments for Kids includes children's musical gears and equipment such as Bells, Boom Whackers, Drums, Percussion Instruments, Recorders, Tambourines, Xylophones, and more. We keep adding new musical toys and instruments to our inventory, so please check our website frequently for new products. We offer Musical Toys and Instruments that are not only amazingly entertaining but help kids become real musicians by letting them learn to create music in a genuine way.

Our joy for learning and playing doesn't end with music! Take the fun outside and start your adventure today by selecting from our delightful collection of Outdoor Toys and Games.

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