Toys by Age

Toys by Age

Toys are necessary tools for children starting from an early age through the teen years. Toys are basic instruments that help kids learn experiences, shape their personalities, and develop social and interpersonal skills. Toys also allow children to be creative and use their imagination to solve problems.

At Learn To Play Toys, we believe some toys are better choices for children than others. Toys should be selected based on children’s age, interest and developmental stage. Some toys are more attractive to certain age groups than the rest because of challenging features or the level of difficulty they present.

Learn To Play Toys offers three categories of Toys by Age to make it easy for you to select the best toy based on your child’s needs and age.

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What are the Appropriate Toys for my Child’s Age?

Learn To Play Toys provides you with a wide array of fun and cool Learning Toys and Games that capture your children’s interests and meet their social and educational needs. Our toys are suitable for all age groups with different developmental skills and abilities. We’ve broken down our fabulous toy collection in three categories according to three different age groups.

Toys for Babies and Toddlers (Age 0 to 3)

Babies enjoy toys like rattlers, rings and balls that they can reach for, grab, shake and suck on. Toddlers like to walk, run and move around. They enjoy toys that help them do more physical movements. They like to create and build things and take them apart.

Toys for Preschoolers and Kindergarteners (Age 3 to 6)

Preschoolers and kindergarteners like to ask questions, play with peers, explore their environment and experiment a variety of things in their surroundings. They enjoy toys that allow them to create, analyze and solve problems. Toys like Elementary Puzzles, Building Blocks and Logical Thinking and Discovery Toys are suitable for children in this age category.

Toys for Older Kids (Age 6 to 12)

Children between the ages of 6 and 12 are interested in play activities that are fast pace and present more complex problem-solving scheme. Pretend Play activity sets, Musical Instruments, Learning Games, Advanced Puzzles and Building Blocks are favorites among kids in this age group.

Click on the above images to view our adorable line of toys and games based on designated age groups. To view our entire inventory of toys and games, browse the main toy categories shown in the top menu bar.

What's in Our Toys by Age Category

At Learn To Play Toys, we are determined to provide you with effective educational products such as Learning Toys and Educational Games that foster children’s creativity and imagination. Play is very important part of every child’s life. As kids grow, their needs for learning and playing change over time. 

Learn To Play Toys provides you with toys and games for all stages of child development. Our adorable selection of Learning and Developmental Toys focus on various intellectual, physical and social abilities such as problem solving, critical thinking, reading, writing, spelling, exploring and discovering.

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