Baby Tactile Perception

Baby Tactile Perception

Tactile Perception refers to brain’s ability to interpret sensory information from the skin nerves as one touches an object. When your baby touches objects with her hands or brings objects to her face, she exercises Tactile Perception by feeling the texture of the object.

Touch is one of the first senses babies start to develop through which they gather information and begin to understand the world around them. Learn To Play Toys promotes development of Tactile Perception in babies by providing a beautiful line of Developmental Toys that combine fun play and active touch altogether. 

Tactile Perception starts to develop at a very early age. Toys that provide sensation of textures are essential in developing tactile perception in babies. Our collection of Tactile Perception toys includes playthings that introduce variety of textures and surfaces to your babies, helping them develop the sense of touch and surface recognition.

Here you will find a unique selection of Developmental Toys like Massage Balls, Air Cushions and Squeezer specially designed to allow your babies to learn the feel of different surfaces and textures and be entertained. 

Send your babies to the land of tactile exploration where they find activities that develop their sense of touch and strengthen their ability to grab and feel objects.

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