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Why Kids Should Play Outside? Benefits of Outdoor Activities for Children

In our today society, with the increasing influence of computer games and technology, children have a great need for outdoor activities and physical exercise. Outdoor play contributes to development of important skills and abilities in children. Outdoor activities help kids to grow and flourish. Here are five compelling reasons why kids should be allowed to play outside.

Outdoor Activities for Kids: Why Kids Should Play Outdside

Outdoor Play Encourages Creativity

Outdoor Play encourages creativity in children. Every time a child steps outside, he or she has the chance to experience something new and see the world in a different perspective. While playing outside, kids find the opportunity to search and explore the environment. They see, smell, hear and touch new things they can’t experience indoors. Outdoor play introduces limitless opportunities for children to play, enjoy their time and have fun at the same time.

Kids Who Play Outside are Happier

Outdoor activities for kids psychologically help reduce stress and anxiety. Kids who play outside are calmer, healthier and more optimistic. Children use the time outside of the house and classroom to release their energy, laugh, play and engage with others which all result in improvement of attention, focus and behavior. Every child wants to play and play is the source of happiness.

Kids Who Play Outside are Healthier

Outdoor play increases the level of physical activities in children. Active children are healthier and stronger compared to children who don’t participate in outdoor activities. As children spend more time outdoors running and actively playing, their immune system improves and their chances of getting sick decreases. Outdoor activities for kids contribute to healthy growth and development of bones, longs, muscles and brain. Physical activities are also the number one solution for fighting obesity in children.

Connecting with Other Children

Outdoor activities for kids result in enhancement of social development and emotional maturity. Kids who play outside are more involved in group activities, playing, communicating and developing relationships with adults and other children. Outdoor activities allow children to interact with others, make more friends and learn new skills and solve problems. Outdoor play promotes self-confidence in children and allows them to become better leaders and decision makers.

Connecting with the Nature

Whether playing in the backyard, beach or nearby park, outdoor play gives children the opportunity to connect with the nature, understand their environment, and know the importance of natural world that surrounds them. Parents and educators can use outdoor activities as learning opportunities to teach children about the importance of preserving our environment. Kids who get out of the house and play outdoors tend to develop attention and care for the environment more than kids who don’t take part in outdoor activities.


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