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How to Boost Self-Esteem in Young Children

Self-esteem is a key to future success in social and professional life. Children who can solve problems and follow through have higher chances for success in school and after school life. What are the best strategies for boosting self-esteem in young children? Here are a few ways parents can use to encourage and boost self-esteem in young children.

How to Boost Self-Esteem in Young Children

Best Practices for Promoting Self-Esteem in Young Children

Let Your Child Take the Lead in Family Activities

Find activities that you know your child can lead such as planting a seed or a small flower in the yard, rearranging her bedroom or making a homemade play-dough. Here your role would be to watch, supervise, play and participate, but not to restrict and limit. After the work is done, recognize your child for her achievement.

Do Activities that Require Following Directions

Raise Self-Esteem in Young ChildrenInvolve your child in activities that require following step-by-step instructions to accomplish a goal. Use maps provided with building blocks to build a tower, bridge or a monument. Find an easy-to-follow baking recipe and have your child take the lead in mixing the ingredients. Create a treasure map with directions pointing to hidden items around the house; now let your child go on a treasure hunt.

Trust Your Child and Allow Mistakes to Happen

A good parenting strategy for boosting self-esteem in young children is to sometimes take the passenger seat and let your child be the driver. When you assign a task to your child, show her that you trust her in finishing the work. Young children need to be allowed to experience safe adventures, make mistakes and try again. These are all part of being a child anyways.

Let Children Make their own Choices

A key factor in boosting self-esteem in young children is to let them make their own choices. Next time you go out shopping with your little one, let her make decisions like which pants she wants mommy to buy for her or which color or shirt she prefers to wear for today. Let your child feel that her voice is heard and she has the power to make age-appropriate decisions for herself.

Let Children Take Healthy Risks

Raise Self-Esteem in Young Children: Let Them Take RisksChildren are little explorers by nature. They constantly want to search and examine their surroundings. Let your child try challenging but safe situations. Step back and allow your child to explore, experience and learn for herself. If she wants to climb the stairs or water the lawn with a hose let her do so. Watch and supervise but do not over parent your child.

Encourage Children to Perform Arts

Arts boost self-esteem in young children. Activities like learning a musical instrument, creating crafts, finger-painting, making crayon drawings or simply acting-out the story of a book will bring satisfaction and sense of accomplishment to children. Arts flourish children’s creativity, give them the opportunity to express themselves and make them feel good about the work of their own.



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