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Toys that Teach Problem Solving Skills to Children

Young children learn best to solve problems through play experiences that are meaningful to them. Here we are providing you with five important educational toys that teach problem solving skills to children. These toys encourage kids to think independently, identify problems and search for solutions through open-ended play experiences.

CitiBlocs Construction Toys

CitiBlocs Construction Toys - Teach Problem Solving Skills to Children

CitiBlocs construction toys are classic building blocks made of precision-cut pine wood from New Zealand. CitiBlocs are suitable for children of any age from toddlers to grown-ups. Children are able to follow pre-configured plans to construct a variety of structures such as a boat, a house, a tower or anything that they can imagine. CitiBlocs are great toys for teaching problem solving skills as they require children to strategize, plan ahead and follow a map to reach a goal and build a final product.


Fraction Action Board

Fraction Action Board Learning Toy  - Teach Problem Solving Skills to Children

Fraction Action Board is all about sorting, finding the right pieces and putting them together to complete a whole shape. The focus is on circles, octagonals and squares. Each shape comes in a whole piece, two-piece fractions and three-piece fractions. By removing all the pieces from the board and mixing them, kids can practice problem solving while sorting and putting together the fractions to make the whole shapes.


Fifty Four Creativity Blocks

Fifty Four Creative Blocks  - Teach Problem Solving Skills to Children

This colorful building block set challenges children’s thinking ability by motivating them to build shapes and create patterns based on their imagination. Fifty Four Creativity Blocks improve logical thinking and problem solving skills in children. Children are able to mix, sort and stack Creativity Blocks to build a variety of shapes and forms. Children must think and develop strategies in order to construct harmonic shapes and patterns.



Space Puzzle  - Teach Problem Solving Skills to Children

Playing with puzzles is the classic children’s activity for developing problem solving skills. Puzzles help children with cognitive development and reasoning skills. Puzzles challenge children’s minds, enable them to think, make connections and search for solutions. Puzzles are available in a variety of forms, shapes and difficulty levels. They also cover a wide range of age limits from babies to older children.


Magnetic Make A Shape Board

Magnetic Make A Shape Board  - Teach Problem Solving Skills to Children

There are 17 puzzle cards included with this magnetic shape board to encourage children to create new objects out of fun and colorful shapes. Children experience problem-solving, conceptualization and transformation while playing with this creativity set. Children are able to make shapes and patterns and transform them into different bodies by moving around the objects in different directions.




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