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Alphabet Activities

How to Teach the Alphabet to Preschoolers

Are you wondering how to teach the alphabet to your child or preschool students? Most children are able to start learning alphabets between the ages of two and three. Learning alphabets is the first step towards developing language and literacy skills in young children. The goal is to teach your child to recognize the letters of the alphabets and the sounds connected to each letter. Remember this is not a one-day, one-week or even a one-month task. Letter recognition is a skill that takes time and patience to develop and master. We have put together some tips and fun activities to get you started on this process.

How to teach the alphabet to your child?

How to Teach the Alphabet to Preschoolers: Five Fun Activities for Teaching Alphabet to Children

Start with the Child’s own Name

Teach Your Child The AlphabetYour child is most likely interested in learning his own name more than anything else. Start by helping your child to recognize the letters in his name. Spell out your child’s name with a pen or a marker on a piece of paper. Try to focus on the first letter of his name first. The first letter in a child’s name is always the first alphabet a child learns. Pointing at the first letter in his name with your finger, ask the question, “What’s the first letter in your name?” Then you say something like this “A is for Alexander” or “S is for Sarah”.

Let’s Play Letter Games

There are many games you can use to help your child with letter recognition. Use washable Fingerpaints and ask your child to draw the letters he has learned in uppercase and lowercase on a drawing board. Another game is to ask your child to use Fingerpaints and draw things that start with a particular letter. For instance with letter “B”, he can draw a Ball, a Box and a Bird. Use one drawing board per letter. This way you can save your child’s artwork and come back to it after a few days for more letter practice.

Use Alphabet Puzzles

Use Alphabet Puzzles to teach your child the alphabetsAlphabet Puzzles are excellent tools for teaching ABCs to preschoolers. You might want to start with an alphabet puzzle after your child has learned at least a hand full of letters. This way he can use the alphabet puzzle as a learning toy to expand his letter recognition skill and have some fun playing at the same time. Alphabet puzzles are important learning tools as they make children see all the alphabets next to each other in a big picture and help them understand the alphabetical order and the letter sequence.

Letter of the Day Magazine Game

Select a letter for the day and write the letter in big size uppercase format in a large sheet of paper. Ask your child to search through pages of a magazine or newspaper and cut out all the words that start with that letter. Ask your child to focus on two or three sheets. After he gathers all the cut-out pieces, read the words together aloud. This last exercise helps your child to become familiar with how a particular letter sounds in different words.

Read Alphabet Books Together

Buy alphabet books that have a lot of pictures in them. Alphabet books are available in a variety of themes and topics such as colors, animals, farms, foods, and the list continues. Pick your first subject based on your child’s interest. Read the book aloud with your child. Be patient and spend as much time as necessary to help your child get familiar with each letter.