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Top Ten Family Christmas Games that Promote Fun and Interactive Play for Kids and Adults

Are you looking for fun and engaging activities that will make your Holiday celebration even more memorable? Family Christmas Games are an excellent choice for adding fun and unforgettable memories to any gathering and celebration. They are easy to learn and fun to play. Use any of these games in your party or family gathering this Holiday season and bring fun, joy and laughter to your event.


ONE | Life StoriesFamily Christmas Games: Life Stories

Life Stories is a game of telling tales and sharing real life stories. Everyone from grandchildren to grandparents can participate and have fun. Life Stories is a game that opens the door to each other’s heart.




Family Christmas Games: PictureThisTWO | Picture This

Picture This is a hilarious family game that guarantees to keep everyone entertained. Everybody in the family will enjoy this picture-word guessing game. Picture This is a perfect choice for family gatherings and holiday celebrations.




Family Christmas Games: UngameTHREE | The Ungame

The goal of The Ungame is to improve relationships! The Ungame is a family communication game that encourages sharing thoughts, memories and ideas. Players answer personal and life-related questions throughout the game.




Family Christmas Game: PU The-Guess-Game-OfSmellsFOUR | P.U!

P.U! is the guessing game of smells. Who can best recognize the bad, good and the mysterious smells? Its odd name should not keep you away from playing this game. Try P.U! for yourself and see how fun it is to follow and guess the stinky smells.





Family Christmas Game: Fill in the BleepFIVE | Fill in the Bleep

Fill in the Bleep is a fun card game that guarantees happy face and laughter for all the players. See if you got the right bleep to fill in the missing word and complete the sentence.





Family Christmas Game: Finish LinesSIX | Finish Lines

Finish Lines is an intellectual game that challenges the players to complete famous quotes from well-known characters, literature, TV shows and proverbs. Be the first to answer eleven finish lines and win it all!





Family Christmas Game: Out Of ControlSEVEN | Out of Control

Inspired by traditional rummy, Out of Control is a fun and fast-paced card game that uses logical sequences and numbers. Easy to learn in just a few minutes, Out of Control will keep all members of the family engaged and happy during the Holiday celebrations.




Family Christmas Game: Sum Word GameEIGHT | sum word game

sum word game is a highly interactive game. You need to be able to speak, sketch and act out to win the game. sum word game is a real party game! Up to six teams of multiple players can participate and enjoy all the fun.




Family Christmas Games: Ha ChooNINE | Ha-Choo

All players in this game start out sick with high fevers! You need to take the right food and medicine to get well and win the game. Ha-Choo is a board game focusing both on fun and education.





Family Christmas Games: RelationalityTEN | Relationality

Relationality is the perfect board game for generating lively and personal conversations in any family or friend gathering. Relationality is a game with no age limits. The focus of the game is to heal and improve relationships.

How Many Gifts Should a Child Get for Christmas?

Christmas is the happiest time of the year for most parents and children. It is the time of joy, celebration, family gathering and appreciation. Christmas is also about giving and receiving gifts. One question that most parents ask at this time of the year is how many presents should I get my child for Christmas? Should I buy one gift only or should I buy multiple presents? How much is indeed too much?

Although there are no right or wrong answers to this very common question, I believe it’s the love, bond and the relationship that matters most than the number of presents. I have seen many families with different gift giving habits at this time of the year. Growing up in a big family and seeing many Christmas celebrations, I came up with four categories I believe most parents follow when it’s time for giving Christmas gifts to loved ones. Which of these categories do you belong to?

How many gifts should a child get for Christmas?


Group 1: One Big Gift plus Smaller Items

There are families who like the idea of giving multiple gifts. To make it more affordable, they go with one expensive gift that their child really likes and add a few smaller and less expensive items to the list.

Group 2: One Big Gift Only

There are parents who believe one big gift is really enough for each child. Especially if you are one of those parents who buy toys regularly for your child during the year, you might fall in this category.

Group 3: Multiple Small Gifts

There are parents who like to buy multiple small presents for their children. These are the parents whose number of gifts exceeds 8, sometimes 10, 15 and even 20 gifts per child. Although this seems to be a rare category, I’ve seen families who indeed give their child such big quantity of gifts for Christmas.

Group 4: Multiple Big Gifts

There are parents who always like the idea of going big. These parents usually give big gifts in big quantities. This usually puts a lot of financial burden on the parents. Of course not every family can afford this style of gift giving.

I grew up in a family that followed the Group 1 pattern for gift giving. I always received a big gift that I really wanted like a Doll House or a Bike plus some smaller items like a doll, a pair of shoes or some small jewelry. After all those years, I still follow the same tradition and gift giving pattern for my own family.

So, which of these groups do you and your family belong to? Share your thoughts with us. How many gifts do you typically get your children at this time of the year?