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Learning Colors

Learning Shapes & Colors by Educational Toys

Learning shapes and colors is an early childhood skill that most children begin to develop between the ages of two and five. During this period, children develop the ability to observe and categorize objects based on their visual characteristics. Although there are many different ways to introduce shapes and colors to children, educational toys play an important role in teaching children these concepts by providing mind-challenging play activities. Educational toys help children see, think, reason, and analyze similarities and differences between objects. Here is a list of four educational toys that can help your child practice learning shapes and colors while playing and having fun.

Blocks of Fun

Learning Shapes and Colors - Blocks of FunBlocks of Fun offers both learning and motor development for children. This early learning toy includes 15 wooden blocks in four bright colors arranged inside a four-wheel wagon. Primary shapes are circle and square in two dimensions and cylinder and cube in three dimensions. Children are able to push and pull the wagon to practice motor skills.

  • Teaches both two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes.
  • Helps children develop size, shape and color recognition.
  • For Ages 2 to 4


New Posting House Shape Sorter

Learning Shapes and Colors - Posting House Shape SorterThe New Posting House Shape Sorter introduces a dynamic way for kids to learn both shapes and colors. Six geometric blocks are included in the six primary colors. This educational toy makes learning shapes and colors fun and exciting for young children. The hollow shape box helps kids to understand the concept of cause and effects by passing shapes through the slots.

  • Kids are able to grasp and pass shapes through slots in the roof.
  • Improves logical thinking and promotes imaginative play.
  • For Ages 2 to 4


Counting Shape Sorter

Learning Shapes and Colors by Counting Shape SorterThis innovative educational toy teaches children a trio of shapes, colors and math in one package. Available shapes are circle, square, triangle and rectangle including four colors of green, yellow, red and pink. Each shape associates with a number from 1 to 4 through the holes cut at the center of the shape.

  • Promotes stacking and motor skills in children.
  • Improves thinking and reasoning ability.
  • Children practice learning shapes, colors and basic math.
  • For Ages 1.5 to 4


Fraction Action Board

Learning Shapes and Colors by Fraction Action Board Shape PuzzleFraction Action Board is a complex version of a traditional shape sorter for kids who have mastered the primary shapes. In additional to learning shapes and colors, the fraction action board enables children to learn a variety of skills such as sorting, matching and sequencing.

  • Teaches color-matching, shape recognition and fraction skills to children.
  • Can be worked out as an early learning shape puzzle.
  • For Ages 2+