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Learn To Play Toys celebrates Mother's Day

Mothers are Special People

Today is the Mother’s Day in the United States and today is a very special day. Mothers are important figures in every person’s life. They have significant impacts on children’s growth and development.

Mothers help children survive to adulthood every step of the way to become important contributors to our society. They are care givers and nurturers who never give up trying to keep their child safe at all times. And we love our mothers so much.

This is just a short note to honor all you mothers out there who work hard to deliver exceptional people to our society. Yes, mothers are special because of their unconditional love, exceptional care and unfailing kindness that helped us define ourselves as who we are today.

She gave you life and a childhood filled with joy and love. Now, today is the day to show her appreciation for what she has done for you. Wherever she is, let’s honor our mother today for what she has done for us, either small or large it has made an impact in our lives. She would love to learn that she does have a special place in your heart. So now, if she is far, let’s just pick up the phone and say thank you to her. If she lives nearby, let’s go and visit her; take her some flowers and let her know she is loved and appreciated. And if she is not by you anymore, let’s just remember her and pay a tribute to the best memories you’ve had with her that will never fade.

Thank you mom for loving me, caring for me, teaching me and praying for me. Thank you for your friendship, your encouragement, your counsel, and your support in everything that I do. Happy Mother’s Day!