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Music Education

5 Ways Children Can Benefit from Learning a Musical Instrument

Are you considering signing up your child for music lessons? Learning a musical instrument brings lots of benefits and improves many abilities in children. Although music is a form of entertainment, it helps children learn, grow and develop skills in different areas of life.

Kids Learning a musical instrument

Why should your child learn to play an instrument? Here are five ways learning a musical instrument can benefit your child to enhance and acquire variety of skills.


Teaching Discipline and Organizational Skills

Boy Playing Piano | Learning a Musical InstrumentAlthough learning a musical instrument is a fun experience, it takes time, patience and practice to become a competent musician. Kids have to go through days, months and maybe years of training to learn and develop the required skills for playing an instrument correctly. Learning a musical instrument is a challenge that takes discipline, focus and repetition to overcome. It teaches kids self-discipline and how to manage their time and activities in order to improve and reach their goals.


Enhancing Self-Esteem in Children

Learning a musical instrument can improve self-esteem and boost confidence in children. Learning music is a self-achieving accomplishment. Although children might attend music classes or private music-learning sessions with a professional instructor, they still need to develop and master the musical skills by themselves. Children see themselves learning and improving day by day. This process of consistent improvement and development helps children build confidence and find beliefs in themselves.


Music is an Act of Self-Expression

Girl Playing Guitar | Learning a Musical Instrument Music is a way for performers to express themselves and communicate feelings to the audience. That’s why musicians all around the world have different styles of playing and capturing the attentions of their listeners. Once children become proficient in playing an instrument, they will be able to change songs and adjust melodies to play and make music the way they want to, based on their own talents, feelings and personalities. They will have a chance to convey their message to their own audience.


Improving Cognitive Skills in Children

Learning a musical instrument improves the brain capacity and memory skills in children. Learning a new instrument involves memorizing and remembering notes, lyrics and movements on a regular basis. Playing a musical instrument stimulates different parts of the brain, increases the memory capacity and presents a mental advantage to the performers. Recent studies show that children who learn a musical instrument and consistently develop their musical skills, perform better academically.


Music Cultivates Creativity

Music gives children an opportunity to be creative. Children who know how to play a musical instrument experience a higher level of creativity and imagination. There are numerous words, themes and expressions that can be played through music. Music gives children the chance to come up with their own moves, their own melodies and their own songs.