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Outdoor Games

Fun Outdoor Games for Kids: Beat Boredom and Have Fun

When summer arrives and school is out, it’s time to search for activities that keep kids busy and entertained during the warm season. With fun outdoor games for kids you can avoid the boredom all summer long and make your next summer activities more exciting and fun. Here is our list of top four fun outdoor games for kids to play this summer.

Corntoss Bean Bag Game

corntoss bean gag game - fun outdoor games for kidsThe number one in our list of fun outdoor games for kids is the Corntoss Bean Bag Game. This is a perfect game for any friend or family gathering. Whether used in the backyard, lawn, beach, park or a camping site, the Corntoss Bean Bag Game can keep both kids and adults active and entertained for hours.

How to Play:

  • Divide players in two teams each having a target and 4 bean bags.
  • Players take turns to toss the bean bags at the opposing targets.
  • Teams receive 3 points if they make the bean bag in the hole and they receive 1 point if the bean bag falls on the board.
  • First team who scores 21 points wins the game.


Classics: Bocce Ball Game

Classic Bocce Ball Game - Fun Outdoor Games for KidsBocce Ball Game is a classic lawn bowling game suitable for all ages. Bocce Ball Game can be played almost anywhere. Up to 8 players can participate in the game. This outdoor game brings fun competition and a lot of excitement to any summer activity.

How to Play:

  • Two teams are required. Each team receives a set of 8 red or blue bocce balls.
  • Team A tosses the pallino (the white ball) at a desired distance.
  • Team A tries to toss or throw the bocce balls as close as possible to the pallino.
  • Team B tries to toss or throw the bocce balls as close as possible to the pallino.
  • The winner is the team whose ball is closest to the pallino.
  • The winning team receives 1 point for each ball that is closer to pallino than the balls from the losing team.
  • Continue playing, until a team receives a total of 12 points.


Classics: Horseshoe Game

Classic Horseshoes Outdoor Game for KidsHorseshoe Game is a classic competitive outdoor contest popular among all the age groups. With a history that goes back to ancient years, this classic outdoor game lives up to any group activity and competition.

How to Play:

  • Two teams are required. Each team gets a set of two horseshoes.
  • Position the stakes vertically into the ground for about 40 feet apart.
  • Teams take turns to throw the horseshoes towards the stakes.
  • The goal is to hook the horseshoes on the stake.
  • Each team receives a score for a successful throw.


Washoooes – Washer Toss Game

Washoooes Washer Toss Game - Fun Outdoor Games for KidsIn our list of fun outdoor games for kids, the Washer Toss Game stands out for being a super competitive tossing game that’s easy to learn and fun to play. Washooes Washer Toss is a classic family game that gives everyone a chance to try their tossing skills. This is the perfect outdoor game to bring to tailgates, camping trips, barbecues, or any outdoor event for hours of fun and entertainment.

How to Play:

  • Two teams with a total of 4 players are required.
  • Set the targets at a desired distance apart from each other.
  • Teams take turns to toss the washers towards the opposing target.
  • The goal is to throw the washers inside the white cone.
  • Each team receives 3 points for a successful throw and 1 point for landing a washer in a base.
  • The team who receives the first 21 points wins the game.


Top Ten Outdoor Activities for Kids

Now that the spring is here and the warm summer days are approaching fast, it is the perfect time of the year to start engaging kids in fun outdoor activities. Here, we put together ten of our most favorite outdoor activities for kids that also involve family participation. Our goal is to motivate kids to be active, allow them to have fun, and let them use their creativity to accomplish things that are meaningful to them.

Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids

ONE | Backyard Toy Car Wash

Our number one option in our list of outdoor activities for kids is the toy car wash! Yes, car wash is not always for real cars. Toys can be car washed too! Have kids bring their non-electronic toy cars, trucks and other vehicles to the yard. Prepare a clean sponge and some mild soap. Show them how to do the washing and rinsing first, and then watch them as they take their toy vehicles through hand car wash one by one. This activity will teach kids cleanness and sense of responsibility for personal belongings.

TWO | Color the Patio, Driveway or the Front Yard Walkway with Sidewalk Chalk

Let your kids show their artistic sides by asking them to create their masterpiece using their imagination. This is a great activity to encourage creativity in children. Alternatively, you can print a pattern on a piece of paper, and ask kids to copy that in a larger scale on the pavement and color it with chalks.

THREE | Make Music with Kids

Well, you don’t have to be a musician to participate in this activity. This is going to be a fun pretend play activity with kids being the main players. Ask kids to gather their musical instruments. Whether it’s a play drum, a toy guitar, or a pot and a wooden spoon from the kitchen, it will work here. Spread a blanket over the lawn, ask kids to make tickets for their music event, and have them play music just the way they want. It’s their play anyways.

FOUR | Paint Rocks with Watercolors

With the help of your kids, gather some rocks from the backyard or a nearby open field. Have kids paint the rocks with watercolor. They can draw faces, shapes, and patterns using their creativity and imagination.

FIVE | Do Yard Work with Kids

Kids love to participate in adult activities. Planting a row of flowers, creating a tiny garden in the backyard, or simply seeding the lawn are all great daytime activities for this spring and summer.

SIX | Family Playtime

From our list of top ten outdoor activities for kids, family playtime is the most collaborative and can engage almost everyone in the family. When it comes to selecting the fun games to play outside, there are a lot of options out there that can keep the entire family active and entertained for hours. My favorites are definitely Corntoss Bean Bag Game, Pop-2-Play Disc Goalf Game and the Bolo Toss 3D Game.

SEVEN | Build a Playhouse for Kids in your Backyard

If you have the room in your backyard, the passion and a little bit of handyman skills, this could be the perfect activity for you and the family. The idea of having their very own place to play will make children very excited. Kids can help with painting, decorating, and other light-duty activities during the set-up. After completion, you’d be proud and kids will love their playhouse.

EIGHT | Fly Kites

Head out to the near park, beach or an open field and fly a kite with your kids. With a little bit of help from the wind, you should be able to fly your kite in no time. Have fun and just try to stay away from the nearby trees.

NINE | Water Play in the Backyard

Open the sprinklers and have your kids run and jump through the sprinkling water. This is an excellent outdoor activity for kids in a hot summer day. Just be ready to get wet!

TEN | Set-up a Teepee in the Backyard

A teepee will provide your kids hours of great fun outdoors. Help your kids set up their play tent outside and have them furnish it with their favorite toys. Kids can even have a sleepover in the backyard. Just make sure sprinklers are off for the day.