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Best Gifts for Two Year Olds

Got a two-year old you need to find the perfect gift for? Have you thought of toys yet? There is no doubt nothing makes a two-year old happier than getting a new plaything as a gift. Are you wondering what kinds of toys you need to get for your little child, niece, nephew or another loved one to make them happy and get them excited?

We have put together a list of Best Gifts for the Two Year Olds to make your job easier when it comes to picking a present for any celebration. We hope you find this list a helpful resource while trying to select the perfect gift for your little loved one!

Best Gifts to Two Year Olds, Toys

ONE | Toys that Encourage Learning

There are many choices available for toddlers to enjoy and appreciate the fun and excitement of playing with educational toys. Early Learning Toys include toys that teach early developmental skills to toddlers. They help young children learn about shapes, colors, sizes, alphabets and numbers during the playtime. Select from our adorable line of Early Learning Toys that help young children make new discoveries and develop new skills.

TWO | Toys that Promote Fun Playtimes

Looking for toys that can keep toddlers engaged and entertained? Toddlers love to explore their surroundings, touch and manipulate objects, and discover new information from whatever they can reach and see. My First Stacking Train and Funtime Activity Turtle with bright colors and interesting features will draw the attentions of the little ones and keep them busy for hours of fun playtime.

THREE | Toys that Encourage Motor Skills

Toddlers love to roll, cruise and move around the house without the help of parents. Toddler’s Ride-on Toys including the Block and Roll and the Little Red Rider will give the little ones the thrill and freedom to ride and maneuver around the house independently.

FOUR | Toys that Encourage Creativity

If you’re looking for toys that can entice and empower your toddler’s sense of creativity, construction toys and building blocks are a no-brainer. My First Building Blocks and Natural Shape Sequence will help toddlers use their creativity to build things by stacking blocks above each other. Toddlers also learn how to use their little hands to sort, hold, stack and move around objects.

FIVE | Toys that Will Remain in Your Child’s Collection

NameTrains are the most personalized gifts of the Holidays, Birthdays, Baby Showers or any celebration that involves children. NameTrains are wooden toy trains that can carry a name up to 10 letters on carriers connected to an engine and a caboose. NameTrains are available in different colors, shapes and finishes.



Alphabet Toys for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Alphabet Toys are the first step towards learning ABCs and developing letter recognition among toddlers and preschoolers. The educational toys you find here can be used either at home or inside the classroom as a teaching tool to aid young children with early literacy skills. Here is our list for the most popular Alphabet Toys for Toddlers and Preschoolers.

Alphabet Puzzles

Alphabet Toys for Toddlers and Preschoolers: Alphabet PuzzlesPuzzles benefit children in many ways. Alphabet puzzles are a multi-learning tool for preschoolers in a sense that they not only help children learn the letters of the alphabet but also help them understand the meaning of cause and effect. Young children are able to see, touch, and feel the shape of each letter individually by holding and moving the pieces. Puzzles promote logical thinking and cognitive development in children. Alphabet puzzles are available in both lowercase and uppercase format.


Alphabet Magnets

Alphabet Toys for Toddlers and Preschoolers: Alphabet MagnetsAlphabet Magnets are one of the popular teaching tools in preschools. Alphabet Magnets make learning ABCs fun and enjoyable for children. You can put these magnets on a whiteboard inside the classroom or on a refrigerator door of your home. Preschoolers are able to mix, sort, arrange, and spell simple words with these magnetic letters. Alphabet Magnets are the perfect tool for young children who are just starting to learn the English alphabet. Alphabet Magnets are available in both lowercase and uppercase forms.



Alphabet Frame

Alphabet Toys for Toddlers and Preschoolers: Alphabet FrameAlphabet Frame is an excellent learning toy for one to one and small-group teaching sessions. One of the unique features of the Alphabet Frame is the ability for children to relate each letter of the alphabet to a picture. Each block has a bright-color uppercase letter printed on one face. On the back face of each block a picture appears with a printed name that starts with the same letter as the one shown in the front face. Children are able to learn the alphabet by relating each letter to a corresponding picture.




ABC Blocks

Alphabet Toys for Toddlers and Preschoolers: ABC BlocksABC Blocks combine the fun of playing with a construction toy and the joy of learning ABCs into one learning activity for toddlers and preschooler. Children enjoy stacking the wooden blocks up high and then knocking them down! ABC Blocks include a colorful or natural collection of letters, pictures and numbers embossed on four sides of wooden cubes. ABC Blocks offer a bundle of fun and entertaining activities to toddlers and preschoolers.


ABC Toy Truck

Alphabet Toys for Toddlers and Preschoolers: ABC Toy TruckThis is a classic Toy Truck that carries a load of ABC Blocks for the little ones. ABC Toy Truck will grow with your child from the time he starts to crawl to the time he is ready to learn the first letter of the alphabet. The wooden toy truck is a handmade product from locally harvested wood in Montana. Children will have a lot of fun stacking the ABC Blocks in the bed of the truck and carrying them to their destination.



My ABC’s Thumball

Alphabet Toys for Toddlers and Preschoolers: My ABC ThumballMy ABC’s Thumball is just more than a ball! Kids are now able to play catch and throw while reciting the alphabet at the same time! This is a great educational toy for teaching letter identification to preschoolers. My ABC’s Thumball encourages active play and learning abcs while improving gross motor skills in children. There are endless possibilities when it comes to learning and playing with My ABC’s Thumball.



Winter Activities for Toddlers: How to Keep Toddlers Occupied During the Cold Season

Winter is here, it’s freezing outside and you are running out of ideas to keep your little one busy inside the house. Instead of putting your child in front of the TV or handing him or her a video game or the ipad, you can prepare some fun and engaging activities that will bring warmth and laughter to your cold day with you and your toddler at home.

Here is a list of indoor activities you can start planning for this year cold season. These are the things that either you can do or make indoors with a very low cost to keep your toddler occupied, active and happy inside the home.

Winter Activities for Toddlers: How to Keep Toddlers Occupied During the Cold Season

Ten Fun Indoor Activities You Should Do With Your Toddler This Winter

1 Let’s Make Homemade Play Dough: Gather the ingredients and follow the instructions to make your own play dough just from scratch. Use your homemade play dough to engage your little one in a variety of fun and learning activities.

2 Finger Painting: Get a large sheet of paper or a piece of flat cardboard along with some washable Fingerpaint tubes. Now let kids get messy and creative.

3 Play Memory Games: Play Look & Feel Wooden Memory Tower and Picture Guessing Game. You can even create your own Picture Guessing Game using a sheet of paper, a flat tray and pre-cut square cardboard tiles.

4 Make an Indoor Sandbox: Get a cardboard box or a clear bowl and fill it up with pop-corn, cereal, beans and peas. Your toddler will enjoy digging into the box with a spoon, cup or a scoop.

5 Play Caps and Bottles: Don’t just throw the plastic bottles into the trash or recycle bin. Collect plastic bottles of various sizes and colors. Separate the caps from the bottles. Your toddler will have lots of fun matching caps with bottles, twisting caps on bottle heads and taking them off.

6 Build a Fort with Pillows, Blankets and Sheets: This is a great activity for the times you decide it’s time to wash the sheets. Take all the sheets and pillows out and build a fort, a cave or a house.

7 Let’s Follow The Route: Use connecting EVA foam pieces or pieces of colored tape to create a route going to different places inside the house. Now ask your toddler to follow the route by walking or hopping to see where they end up to.

8 Make Cardboard Crafts: Get a cardboard box, some stickers, multi-color markers and decorating tapes. Use your imagination to create a cardboard car, a doll-house or a castle.

9 Don’t Forget the Puzzles: Get all the puzzle boards out. Spread them on the floor and now get to work! Puzzles are excellent learning toys for improving cognitive development in toddlers.

10 Play Sort and Match: Use a Magnetic Color Sorter or a simple bowl or tray with color beads or even peas and beans. Have your little one sort things based on shape, color and texture. This is a great sensory exercise for your toddler.