Puzzles for Kids

Puzzles for Kids

Looking for toys that can challenge children’s minds and make them smarter? Puzzles are educational toys that enhance and promote cognitive skills and mental learning abilities in children. Puzzles help children develop problem solving skills, shape and color recognition, memory skills, hand-eye coordination and many other abilities.

Learn To Play Toys offers the perfect puzzle for children of every age. We carry an extensive selection of Puzzles for Kids from simple knobbed puzzles for 3 to 5 year olds to more advanced and complex jigsaw puzzles for older children. Our puzzles come in a variety of themes and topics such as shapes, animals, cartoonish scenes, vehicles, maps, and colors.

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Make-Your-Own Picture and Learning Puzzle Puzzles
Product Description An unlimited number of puzzles for one price. Draw your own puzzle picture on t..
Lift & Learn Colors & Shapes  Puzzles
This fun and colorful tray puzzle features colors and shapes and will encourage children to develop ..
Lift & Learn USA Puzzle  Puzzles
This fun and colorful tray puzzle features the United States map and will teach children the 50 stat..
Puzzle Doubles! Glow in the Dark! Space Puzzles
Learning about space has never been so much fun. Expand your knowledge of the solar system with this..
Busy Highway Puzzle Puzzles
The Busy Highway Puzzle depicts our NameTrain vehicles all a go on the big road. This brightly colo..
Countryside Railroad Puzzle Puzzles
The Countryside Railroad Puzzle depicts our NameTrain farm animals, engine, and caboose. This brigh..
Duck Pond Puzzle Puzzles
We took our Maple Landmark animal characters and combined them to create this fun summertime Duck Po..
Frosty Puzzle Puzzles
Our Frosty Puzzle depicts our special edition Frosty Sno*Cones Scoot in a winter scene. This brightl..
Noa's Ark Puzzle Puzzles
Our Noah's Ark Puzzle depicts our NameTrain animals on the ark with a brilliant rainbow. This bright..
Puzzle, Peterson's Backyard Birds Puzzles
This brightly colored 8-piece puzzle measures 11" X 15". Eight beautifully captured typica..
Puzzle, Pirates' Paradise Puzzles
This brightly colored 15-piece puzzle sits in a 11" X 15" frame. Printed image won't s..
Shaped Jigsaw Puzzle, American Flag Puzzles
One of our new shaped puzzles for 2013 - An American Flag. The flag has 15 large interlocking pieces..
Shaped Jigsaw Puzzle, Earth Puzzles
Our earth puzzle has 12 large interlocking pieces cut from 1/8" hardwood plywood. The earth puz..
Shaped Jigsaw Puzzle, Pirate Ship Puzzles
Introducing our newest puzzle, the shaped jigsaw puzzle. Our Pirate Ship puzzle has 12 large interlo..
Shaped Jigsaw Puzzle, Tugboat Puzzles
Our tugboat puzzle has 11 large interlocking pieces cut from 1/8" hardwood plywood. The tugboat..


Let’s Play with Puzzles

Puzzles are important educational tools as they present many intellectual and mental learning benefits to children. Learn To Play Toys encourages parents and educators to include puzzles in play activities of children from all ages. Puzzles are one of the essential Learning Toys for forming and developing cognitive skills and motor abilities in children.

Playing with puzzles involves thinking, setting strategies, developing solutions, and manipulating objects to achieve a certain goal which all challenge the mind and exercise the thinking ability of brain. Each puzzle is designed to increase the visual awareness in children and help them develop a deeper understanding of each theme or topic.

Let your child enjoy the accomplishment of achieving a goal by playing with one of our colorful, fun, and educational puzzles. Check our line of shaped jigsaw puzzles for kids made from genuine hardwood and crafted with high quality workmanship.

Learn To Play Toys has even more puzzles to offer you! Look through our category of Math, Number and Counting Toys to find great Math Puzzles for training your child in working with numbers and basic math functions. Also browse our selection of Writing and Spelling Toys where you find ABC Learning Puzzles that aid your child to learn letters and ABCs faster.

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