Early Learning Toys

Early Learning Toys

Early years of childhood are the most crucial for physical and intellectual development of children. Young children are naturally curious and have a tendency to touch and taste everything they see. Learn To Play Toys encourages this curious behavior by providing a unique line of Early Learning Toys that foster the cognitive and physical development in children.

Here you will find a variety of educational toys for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarteners ranging between the age of 2 and 6. Our fabulous collection of Early Learning Toys is designed to enhance the early developmental skills in children and stimulate the learning and creativity in the minds of little explorers. 

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1-5 Stacker Early Learning Toys
The design of the Wonderworld 1-5 Stacker has a sloping base which enhances the vision of children w..
Block and Roll Early Learning Toys
Fill, build, dump, carry, push, pull, play. How many more ways can your child use this do-everything..
Bouncing Pounder Early Learning Toys
With the Wonderworld Bouncing Pounder children will enjoy the colorful pegs popping up as each lever..
Bouncing Shape Sorter Early Learning Toys
A new concept in geometric learning is now available with the Wonderworld Bouncing Shape Sorter..
Counting Shape Sorter Math, Number & Counting
With the Wonderworld Counting Shape Sorter, children will learn about shapes and numbers through sta..
Endless Pounder Early Learning Toys
Wonderworld is going back to nature with the Color From Nature Series of toys! The colors are made f..
Fraction Action Board Early Learning Toys
Children explore sorting, sequencing and fraction skills with the Fraction Action Board. Reinforces ..
Fraction Pairs Shape Puzzle Early Learning Toys
Explore fractions, shapes and patterns with the Fraction Pairs. Eight chunky pieces perfect for litt..
Funtime Activity Ladybug  Early Learning Toys
Funtime Activity Bug will provide early learners with lots of educational fun. This interactive lady..
Funtime Activity Turtle  Early Learning Toys
Funtime Activity Turtle will provide early learners with lots of educational fun. This interactive t..
Geo Shape Sorter Early Learning Toys
The Wonderworld Geo Shape Sorter provides knowledge of basic geometric shapes that comes with sortin..
Geo Shapes Lacing Early Learning Toys
Learn geometric shapes and play lacing game. Promote hand eye coordination, shapes, colors. From ..
Hammer Bench Early Learning Toys
The Wonderworld Hammer Bench has a new modern design on a timeless classic with a special sloping de..
Magnetic Make A Shape Board  Early Learning Toys
Children of all ages will find Magnetic Make a Shape fascinating as they discover the world of tangr..
Natural Shape Sequence Early Learning Toys
The Wonderworld Natural Shape Sequence provides knowledge of basic geometric shapes that comes with ..


Early Learning Toys are Fundamental Tools for Optimal Childhood Development

Play is an essential part of child’s early education. Everything that young children are exposed to has an effect in their learning experiences. That’s why it is so important to select learning toys that give children plenty of opportunities to explore and discover new ideas and teach them creativity, critical thinking, and new abilities. Early Learning Toys encourage the skill development in toddlers and preschoolers by capturing their attention and inspiring them to try new things.  

Early Learning Toys teach young children fundamental skills such as how to grasp and work with fingers, how to make choices, and how to analyze cause and effects of their decisions. Our extensive line of Early Learning Toys offers many developmental opportunities for young learners through activities such as sorting shapes and colors, stacking blocks, putting shape puzzles together, recognizing sounds and many more.

We provide learning toys that teach toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarteners about the basic life experiences and enable them to experiment new things and discover first abilities. Learn To Play Toys emphasizes adult’s participation during the play time as it encourages an interactive play, enhances child’s communication skills and strengthens the bond between the child and the parent or educator.

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