Math, Number & Counting Toys

Math, Number & Counting Toys

Do you want to prepare your child for kindergarten and elementary school math? Learn To Play Toys offers a great selection of Math, Number and Counting Toys that teach basic math lessons to toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarteners.

Teaching children numbers and counting in the early years prepares them for learning more advanced math concepts taught in elementary schools. Our selection of Math, Number and Counting Toys focuses on developing fundamental math skills in children. Our Number and Counting Toys use shapes, colors symbols and sizes to make the math learning process a fun and entertaining game for all children.

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Abacus Math, Number & Counting
Best tool for teaching addition, subtraction and multiplication to children. Abacus is an excellent ..
Counting Ball Math, Number & Counting
A new concept in mathematical learning is now available with the Wonderworld Counting Ball. The..
Counting Shape Sorter Math, Number & Counting
With the Wonderworld Counting Shape Sorter, children will learn about shapes and numbers through sta..
Learn with Me - Count and Learn Cookie Jar  Math, Numbers & Counting
Putting cookies in and out of this talking cookie jar is a fun way to learn about numbers and counti..
Magnetic Count and Learn Board  Math, Numbers & Counting
Practice makes perfect and the Magnetic Count & Learn board provides the perfect space for your ..
Numeric Magnets Math, Number & Counting
Wooden multi colored Numeric Magnets. Eco-Friendly: Made in Thailand from environmentally friendly r..
Shop and Learn Cash Register  Math, Numbers & Counting
Kids love to role play and the Shop and Learn Cash Register gives them the opportunity to play grown..
Touch & Learn - Mathematics Bot  Math, Numbers & Counting
The new Mathematics Bot is on a mission to help your little one explore the world of numbers and mat..
Tower Stair Math, Number & Counting
Wonderworld's Tower Stair is a stacking and sorting toy that has unique shapes encouraging child..
Lift & Learn 123 Puzzle Math, Number & Counting
This fun and colorful tray puzzle features numbers and equations and will encourage children to deve..
Math Skills Number Puzzle Math, Number & Counting
Product Description A complete math readiness skills learning center consisting of a number puzzle,..
Motor Numbers Math, Number & Counting
Product Description This series of motor letters, numbers and shapes provides visual, tactile and k..
Traceable Numbers Math, Number & Counting
Product Description Giant number puzzle with brightly colored pieces that are raised above the surf..
Tumble Down Counting Toy Math, Number & Counting
Are you ready to start the basic math lesson for your toddler right from home? Learn ..
Watch Me Count Number Puzzle! Math, Number & Counting
Learn To Play Toys offers Watch Me Count Number Puzzle, an important educational tool for toddlers w..


Math Toys for Preschoolers and Kindergarteners

Building a strong math foundation is an important step for young children before starting the first grade education. Math is recognized as the #1 and the most important subject of all academic school grades. Math is both a life and job skill utilized in every aspect of our society. We count, add and subtract numbers every day. Learn To Play Toys provides preschool and kindergarten students the tools they need to build and develop the necessary and fundamental math and number skills.

Teaching children how to count and perform basic math functions is very important. Toys that you find here are excellent learning tools for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarteners. Our Math, Number and Counting Toys prepare young children for success in elementary math and basic mathematical calculations. Using our toys, children learn about number recognition, counting sequence, addition, subtraction and sorting and classifying objects as they play.

Math and Number Puzzles are great toys that can help your child start the math learning process sometime between the age of 2 and three. Using our learning toys, children will understand that counting system has a sequence; they learn symbols that represent numbers and they practice to count from left to right, bottom to top and vise versa.

Our favorite collection of Math, Number and Counting Toys include toys such as Number Puzzles, ATM Machine, Math Puzzles, and more! Check also our line of Writing and Spelling Toys designed to train your child to write and spell words correctly!

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