Building Blocks for Kids

Building Blocks for Kids

Fall in love with our beautiful collection of Building Blocks for Kids carefully selected to incite creative and inventive young minds. Building Blocks are one of the most favorite construction toys among children. They are known to encourage creative play by providing kids the opportunity to construct shapes and structures based on their own real-life understating.  

Our selection of Wooden Building Blocks helps foster creativity, enhance problem-solving abilities, and build cognitive and social skills in children. Check our wonderful selection of Wooden Building Blocks below where there are absolutely no limits to your child’s imagination!

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50 Piece NATURAL Color Wood Building Blocks Building Blocks
50 piece natural color wooden building block set. Perfect for building towers, towns, castles and mo..
Autobahn Building Blocks
Autobahn is all about speed. Straight rails, high-velocity seesaws and an assortment of acceler..
Building Blocks, Advanced Builder, (78 Pieces) Building Blocks
Crafted from locally sourced, sustainably harvested maple hardwood, the Advanced Builder Set of Mont..
Building Blocks, Junior Builder (41 Pieces) Building Blocks
Crafted from locally sourced, sustainably harvested maple hardwood, the Junior Builder Set of Montgo..
Building Blocks, Master Builder, (104 Pieces) Building Blocks
Crafted from locally sourced, sustainably harvested maple hardwood, the Master Builder Set of Montgo..
Loop de Loop Building Blocks
Loop de Loop combines hairpin turns with high-energy speed using straight and curved rails, a seesaw..
Music Motion Building Blocks
Music in Motion turns up the volume on classic Quadrilla® marble runs by combining strategically..
My First Building Blocks (21 Pieces) Building Blocks
Crafted from locally sourced, sustainably harvested maple hardwood, the My First Blocks Set of Montg..
Roundabout Building Blocks
The Roundabout is small and mighty. Although it’s geared for beginning Quadrilla® builders..
Techno Kids MarbleTrax - Fun Park Adventure    Building Blocks
The largest set of Techno Kids Marble Trax series, Fun Park Adventure features more than 70 colorful..
Techno Kids MarbleTrax - Jungle Adventure Playscapes
Techno Kids Marble Trax Jungle Adventure is a great introductory set for beginner builders. Young ch..
Techno Kids MarbleTrax - Under Sea Adventure    Building Blocks
Techno Kids Marble Trax Under Sea Adventure will inspire your little one’s creativity with eve..
The Cyclone Building Blocks
The Cyclone is the largest Quadrilla® set. Two spiraling funnels, 12 curved rails, and 10 power-..
Vertigo Building Blocks
Vertigo is a dizzying, daring, lightning-fast Quadrilla® marble run that includes three twisting..
Whirlpool Building Blocks
Whirlpool provides endless speedway variations and hours of play using an oversized funnel, a variet..


Building Blocks are Toys for Promoting Creativity and Ingenuity

Learn To Play Toys offers a beautiful array of Wooden Building Blocks available in various shapes, sizes, styles, numbers and colors. Kids, friends and family members from variety of age groups can all enjoy hours of unstructured and creative play that entails superb fun and excitement.

Building Blocks give children the opportunity to enjoy variety of hands-on-experiences through Creative Play. Creative Play is characterized by building or creating something without following any set of rules, guidelines or instructions. Creative Play is a natural result of spontaneous thinking and raw imagination. Building Blocks are the most important construction toys that encourage this type of play among children and early learners. Try one of our beautiful Building Block Sets to challenge your child with specific building tasks and let your child bring her imagination into reality!

Learn To Play Toys strongly encourages parents to be part of the play process by helping children participate in cooperative building and collaboration. Building Blocks give parents and educators the opportunity to engage with kids through a hands-on play experience. With Building Blocks you can now start a new building project or construction contest right at home or in school.   

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