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Children and Physical Activities: How to Motivate Kids to Exercise

We all know kids who are constantly on the move; I mean those who can’t be kept inside the house for long hours. On the contrary, there are kids who just don’t want to get out or do any exercise. For this last group, parents need to walk the extra mile by encouraging their children to engage in more outdoor activities and physical exercise. Here are some strategies parents can use to help children discover the joy and benefits of involving in physical activities on a regular basis.

Children and Physical Activities: How to Motivate Kids to Exercise

Be the Motivator

Talk to your children often about the importance of engaging in regular physical activities and how it can help them follow a healthy life style. Let children know that regular exercise brings many benefits such as stronger bones and muscles as well as a healthier heart, mind and body. Parents play a significant role in shaping their children’s attitudes towards maintaining a physically active life style.

Limit the Use of TV, Tablets and Video Games

Young children love to spend their time in front of a screen watching their favorite TV shows or playing video games. Parents need to be aware that this is a valuable time that can be spent outside playing sports, doing physical activities and learning new skills. Set a rule for the use of electronic media inside the home and limit the screen time to certain hours of a day for children. Make sure children have the time and opportunity for doing outdoor activities at least three to five days in a week.

Explore the Nature

Use as many as opportunities you find to take children outside of the home and engage them in healthy physical activities. There are many activities parents can do with their children during the cold and the warm seasons. You can go to a nearest park, go out on a picnic, play an outdoor game in your backyard or take a camping trip with your kids or the entire family. The goal is to instill the love of nature in children and make outdoor activities a fun part of their daily lives.

Get Them Excited About a Sport

Plan a short trip and take your child with you to a nearby sporting event. When kids see parents excited about a sport, they often become interested in the same activity. Do you like football, basketball, hockey or baseball? Take your child with you to your favorite sport game. This is your opportunity to bond with your child, talk about sports and get him or her excited about the game.

Be a Good Example

Role modeling is probably the most influential strategy in the world of parenting. Children intentionally or unintentionally mimic their parent’s behavior. Get in the habit of exercising regularly or participate in a local sport tournament. Your kids will soon take a note of that and get encouraged to participate and be active naturally.


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