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What Do Kids Learn in First Grade?

First grade is one of the most important stages of child growth in the areas of education and self-identification. First grade is the time when kids feel more independent, experience less supervision and are treated as children responsible for their own actions. During the first-grade school year, children are introduced to variety of topics and learn important life skills that help them understand the world better. Here are major four subjects kids learn in the first grade.

What Do Kids Learn in First Grade


By the age a child enters the first grade, he or she should be able to recognize numbers and count them in a sequence. First grade math goes beyond counting and number recognition. Kids are introduced to basic math operations such as simple addition and subtraction. They are also taught how to read digital and analog time and to recognize coins and bills based on their values. First-grade teachers usually use physical objects such as number cubes, math and number puzzles or magnets as teaching tools to facilitate learning and make math easier for children to understand.


Science is a whole new subject for most first-graders. The main objective of a first-grade science class is to get students interested in exploring the world that surrounds them. Kids are encouraged to ask questions and find answers through observation and performing simple experiments. Children learn about the parts of human body and the physical structure of plants and animals. They get to understand that materials exist in three forms of liquid, solid and gas. They also learn about the characteristics of water, the cold and warm temperatures and how changes appear in the weather when seasons change.


During the kindergarten year, children learn to recognize the letters of the alphabet, how to pronounce their sounds and how to write them. First grade is where children learn to put together the words they have learned and read them in a sentence. First graders are also taught to pronounce more complex sounds and words and use them in a sentence. By the end of the first-grade year, children are able to read age-appropriate books on their own. They are able to think about what they read and ask questions about the meaning of each sentence.

Social Skills

First grade is the age when children become more independent and feel more responsibility. Kids at this age know the meaning of a relationship; they can recognize problems and understand the disagreements. They are now able to read directions, follow more complex instructions and work independently on activities at their own desks. Children in the first grade also learn about the communities and cities and that world consists of countries and people from different nations with different languages and cultures.



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