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Parents, Kids and Child Leashes: Why I won’t Put a Leash on my Child

Once in a while as I walk alongside the busy streets of the town or inside one of the popular shopping malls, I see some parents holding a leash to a young boy or girl taking small steps and walking along with them. This scene has always shocked me to the point that I have to ask this question from myself, “Why does a parent need to put a leash on a child?” I understand that young children between the age of one and three can be sometimes extremely hard to handle. I think most parents decide to put a leash on a child just because they are afraid of their child running away and getting lost in the crowd. Despite the logic behind using a child leash for safety reasons, I am still against the idea of controlling a child with a leash for the following reasons:

Parents, Kids and Child Leashes: Why I won’t Put a Leash on my Child

It Makes Children Passive

I believe child leashes kill the self-esteem in children and make them passive followers than active wanderers. I want my children to be free and be able to walk, explore and play without any excessive restraint. Child leashes work as a hand brake for parents to stop children’s out of range movements but on the other hand they stop children’s creativity and make them submissive followers without a choice to exercise freedom.

It Destroys the Sense of Exploration in Children

Toddlers are born with inquisitive minds. They constantly want to search and explore their environment and learn new information from it. For toddlers almost everything is a new thing. The fact that toddlers are physically active and love to wander around has to do with their sense of exploration and wanting to experiment with new objects. Child leashes limit children’s ability to search and examine their surroundings and to use the the information they see to learn and develop new skills.

It is Forceful Parenting

As a parent I’m against using any unnecessary force to stop and control a child’s behavior. By using child leashes, parents are forcing their children to act the way they want. In my opinion, child leashes are unnecessary restraining tools that limit children’s freedom and creative abilities. I believe parents should be keeping a close watch on their children and make sure they are holding their hands when walking around and that is just good enough. No, I won’t put a leash on my child.


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