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Developmental Toys

Toys for Toddlers with Motor Skill Difficulties

Motor skill disorder also referred to as motor coordination disorder or motor dyspraxia is a common illness among toddlers and young children. At Learn To Play Toys, we know how hard it is to find the right toys that help your child with special needs to play, improve and develop the necessary early-childhood abilities.

That’s why we put together a list of developmental toys suitable for toddlers with motor-skill difficulties. These developmental toys feature special designs and characteristics that help your toddler develop the fine motor skills and practice the essential functions of hands and fingers.


New Posting House Shape SorterHouse Shape Sorter for Toddlers with Motor Skill Difficulties

The New Posting House Shape Sorter is ideal for toddlers with hand-movement difficulties. The major advantage of this shape sorter is that its roof can be easily swung open and closed with one hand.



Giant Knob Shape Puzzle for Toddlers with Motor Skill DifficultiesGiant Knob Shape Puzzle

This unique shape puzzle includes enlarged knobs attached to each puzzle for easy gripping and moving of the puzzle pieces. Toddlers with motor difficulties can practice reaching, gripping, grasping and moving objects as well as learning about shapes and colors.



Tricky Fish for Toddlers with Motor Skill DifficultiesTricky Fish

The Tricky Fish is designed in the shape of a fish. Toddlers move and swing the ball around the tracks just like a fish swimming in their hands. This developmental toy helps toddlers with motor difficulties to improve and strengthen the flexibility of their wrists, their muscle control and reflex abilities. Tricky Fish is available in green and blue colors.



Cursive Tracking Board for Toddlers with Motor Skill DifficultiesCursive Tracking Board

This innovative developmental toy is an excellent choice for kids with 3 years of age and above who suffer from motor skills disorder. Kids are able to move the giant knobs through the geometric paths as they train their fine motor abilities and hand-eye coordination skills.



Elephant Push Toy for Toddlers with Motor Skill DifficultiesElephant Push Toy

This giant elephant is measured 8” long x 5” wide x 6” tall. This large Elephant Push Toys is designed for easy gripping and handling by toddlers. Kids with hand-movement difficulties are able to coordinate the first body movements by simply practicing pushing, pulling and rolling.



Giant Circle Puzzle for Toddlers with Motor Skill DifficultiesGiant Circle Puzzle

This giant shape puzzle consists of 8 interlocking parts. Toddlers are able to hold, move and handle the large pieces easily to find the right fit. Giant Circle Puzzle helps toddlers improve fine motor skills and develop shape and color recognition.




Developmental Toys for Preschools and Kindergartens: Toys that Encourage Physical Activities

Developomental Toys: Go Go Balance Activity Center for Preschools and KindergartensKeeping children physically active in preschool and kindergarten help them develop healthy habits and provide them the opportunity to learn a variety of important skills. Developmental toys that encourage physical activities are very important tools for strengthening children’s minds, bones and muscles. Here are four developmental toys suitable for both preschool and kindergarten and designed to encourage healthy physical activities in children.


Go-Go Balance Fun

The Go-Go Balance Fun is a full exercise and activity center that allows children to walk, run, hop and jump and have fun for hours. This developmental toy is specially designed for childcare facilities such as preschool and kindergarten to keep kids active and playing in an indoor environment.

  • Teaches balance and coordination to children
  • Enhances motor skills and physical development
  • Can be set up in full, half or quarter circle or in a S-curve shape
  • For ages 3 and up



Motor Skills Universal SetDevelopomental Toys: Motor Skills Universal Set for Preschools and Kindergartens

The Motor Skills Universal Set focuses on core physical activities in children that improve balance, coordination and motor skills. This is one of the unique all-in-one developmental toys for preschools and kindergartens as it exposes kids to both physical activities and creative play. The activity center can be set up in a variety of ways so kids will never get bored playing. The set includes hoops, bricks, poles, footprints, handprints and balance beams.

  • Enhances fine and gross motor movements in children
  • Encourages creative play in children’s activities
  • For ages 3 and up


Small Jumping Balls (16 inches)Developomental Toys: Small Jumping Ball for Preschools and Kindergartens

Let children sit on the ball, hold tightly to the grip and start jumping up and down. This unique jumping ball comes with hand grips that allow children to control their balance as they ride the jumping ball.

  • Promotes hand-eye coordination in children
  • Enhances body and brain integration
  • Strengthens hand and leg muscles
  • For ages 3 and up




Gears and Blocks Activity CenterDevelopomental Toys: Blocks Gears Activity Center for Preschools and Kindergartens

Nothing is more fun than Gears and Blocks! Let children create a fantasy world with this beautifully designed developmental play center. Children will have a chance to get involved in an assortment of activities that engage them for hours.

  • Stimulates creativity and imagination in play activities
  • Helps children develop an understanding of flat and three dimensional space
  • Improves hand and body muscles
  • For ages 2 and up