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Pretend Play

Imaginative Play Toys for Girls

Imaginative play toys give children the opportunity to assume real-life roles and responsibilities as part of a play process. They provide a way for children to make sense of the world that surrounds them. Imaginative play toys give children the freedom to define and control their own characters and life stories. Imaginative play boosts character building and creativity in children. Previously, we presented our top favorite imaginative play toys for boys. Now it’s time for girls. Here, we present our list of top imaginative play toys for girls, where there are no limits for creativity and the way girls play.

All Season Doll House with Furniture

Imaginative Play Toys for Gilrs: All Season Doll HouseAll season means girls are able to change and rearrange the furniture, roof and the stairs of the house to match the current season. Whether it’s winter/fall or spring/summer time, little girls will have the opportunity to change and decorate their dream house to the theme of the nature.

  • Encourages imaginative play, role playing and storytelling
  • Doll house includes living room, kitchen, master bedroom, family bathroom, TV room and a loft
  • Made of wood and water-based paint
  • For ages 3+ years


Gourmet Chef Kitchen

Imaginative Play Toys for Gilrs: Gourmet Kitchen WhiteThis is a classic play kitchen with a sink, stovetop, oven and a cabinet made for the little chefs in the house. Girls are now able to prepare extraordinary meals with this all-in-one and realistic Gourmet Chef Kitchen. This beautiful play kitchen is perfectly sized for all children above the age of 3.

  • Promotes pretend play and creativity
  • Also includes knobs, storage shelf, and a see-through panel
  • Sturdy and well-made from birch plywood and water-based paint
  • For ages 3+ years


Wooden Play Kitchen Center

Imaginative Play Toys for Girls: Kitchen CenterLooking to inspire your little chef in the house? The Wooden Play Kitchen Center has all your little girl needs to prepare a perfect meal for the family tonight. This custom-made and modern looking play kitchen includes a sink, stovetop, oven and a microwave. Other accessories include a storage space, towel rack, and a pan rack.

  • Promotes imaginary play and group play activities
  • Made of sturdy and durable wood with water-based paint
  • For ages 3+ years



Monster Mansion Doll House with Furniture

Imaginative Play Toys for Girls: Doll House FurnitureWelcome to your dream-house mansion! This beautifully-designed and antique-looking doll house comes with high-quality and unique interior and exterior features such as chic black and pink furniture and wallpaper.

  • Encourages role playing and imaginative play
  • Includes 3 stories and 4 furnished rooms
  • For ages 3+ years



Enchanted Forest Kitchen Sink and Washer

Imaginative Play Toys for Girls: Enchanted Forest KitchenA washing machine and a sink are perfect additions to any playrooms where girls plan to stay neat and clean. This entertaining kitchen playset brings fantasy and imagination right into your kids bedroom or play area. The sink and the washer are part of the Enchanted Forest Kitchen Collection which also includes a stove and a fridge.

  • Promotes imagination and creativity during playtime
  • Made of plywood with hand-painted graphics of trees and flowers
  • For ages 3+ years


Imaginative Play Toys for Boys

Imaginative play toys encourage imaginary play, role-playing and creative thinking in children’s play activities. Imaginative play helps children develop important abilities such as critical thinking, creativity and language skills. Here are the Top Five Imaginative Play Toys for Boys that will definitely get them excited and help them use the power of their imagination to be anything that they want.

Master Workbench

Imaginative Play Toys for Boys | Master WorkbenchIf you have a little handyman at home, then Master Workbench is just the right tool for you. A favorite among imaginative play toys for boys, the Master Workbench will keep your child busy and working at his own workbench just like a grown-up. He will have access to a full tool set that includes bolts, gears, saw, wrench, screwdriver, and more. Your child now has the opportunity to imagine being a plumber, carpenter, mechanic or a handyman right at home.

  • Enhances fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • Promotes problem-solving skills
  • Encourages imaginative play
  • Includes 32 pieces made of solid plywood



Farmer’s Market Stand

Farmers Market Stand for BoysWith this Farmer’s Market Stand, kids can now play little shoppers and sellers anywhere in the house. Farmer’s Market Stand comes with seven food crates, milk cartons and a mixture of fruits and vegetables. Are you a local food store fan? Featuring vibrant colors and fresh groceries, this Farmer’s Market Stand teaches kids the importance of supporting the local food stores.

  • From category of Natural and Eco-Friendly Toys
  • Teaches children about healthy eating habits
  • Promotes imaginary and imitative play






Happy Grand Toy Piano

Imaginative Play Toys for Boys | Happy Grand Toy PianoFeaturing high-quality construction and excellent sound, the Happy Grand Toy Piano can introduce your child to the grand world of music. Your child can now practice being a musician or pianist without a need for buying a full-size piano.

  • Made for little hands with excellent craftsmanship
  • Features 30 keys with great sound quality
  • Cultivates musical interests in children







Gourmet Grill with Food

Gourmet Grill with Foods | Imaginative Play Toys for BoysLet’s barbecue for mom and dad this weekend! Featuring skews of shish kabobs with ketchup and mustard, the Gourmet Grill has all your child needs to prepare a full meal for the entire family! Another favorite among the imaginative play toys for boys, this Gourmet BBQ Grill will engage the boys in fun and interacting play.

  • Promotes imaginative play and role playing
  • Teaches social and communication skills
  • Encourages creativity in children’s play activities





Discovery Spaceship and Lift Off Rocket

Discovery Space Center | Imaginative Play Toys for BoysThe Discovery Spaceship allows kids to explore the space for new stars and galaxies. Let your child experience a full adventure and an imaginative exploration using this highly detailed spaceship and lift off rocket. The Discover Spaceship teaches your child the wonders of three-dimensional world.

  • Promotes dexterity and fine motor skills in children
  • Encourages imagination and creativity during playtime
  • A four-level spaceship designed according to actual space shuttles