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Shape Sorter Toys

Benefits of Shape Sorter Toys for Toddlers

Shape sorters are classic toddler toys and one of the first learning toys every young child gets to play with. The best time for introducing shape sorters to your toddler is around the age of 15 to 18 months when he or she is able to sort and categorize objects based on their similar characteristics. Sorting is fun for toddlers and come with many benefits. Below are the four major benefits of shape sorter toys for toddlers.

Shape and Color RecognitionBenefits of Shape Sorter Toys for Toddlers

The primary function of a shape sorter toy is to teach toddlers about shapes and colors. Shape sorters are also the primary educational toys for teaching toddlers to say the names of various shapes and colors. Most shape sorters include basic shapes such as square, circle, triangle and rectangle. Some shape sorters include advanced shapes such as hexagonal, star, diamond and parallelogram. Each shape is usually painted with a distinct color giving toddlers the opportunity to differentiate between assorted shapes and colors. Shape sorters help toddlers understand that there are shapes and there are colors. They teach toddlers the ability to recognize the visual characteristics of objects.

Teaching Problem-Solving Skills to Toddlers

Problem solving is a life-long learning skill that has to develop in children from a very early age. Using a shape sorter, a toddler learns how to find a solution to a basic problem. Toddler tries to fit a shape into a hole and if it doesn’t fit, he or she will try another shape until it fits and drops into the right location. Shape sorters present a fun challenge to young children as they try to figure out how to find the right fit for each shape. This process helps toddlers develop curiosity and patience as they use their thinking abilities to work through achieving a defined goal.

Learning about Cause and EffectBenefits of Shape Sorter Toys for Toddlers

Shape sorters teach toddlers the cause and effect of their actions. Pushing shapes through the holes, toddlers see the objects disappearing into the box and realize that they have selected the correct shapes and matching holes. Once a shape falls into a hole, the toddler can open the box and find the same shape again. Through this process toddlers make decisions, take actions, observe the results and become familiar with right and wrong choices.

Enhancing Developmental Skills in Toddlers

Shape sorters are great learning toys for enhancing certain developmental skills in toddlers such as fine-motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Playing with shapes, toddlers use their hands and fingers to hold and manipulate objects. Toddlers use their eyes to analyze the boundaries of the shapes and the matching holes from the box. These activities train and prepare your toddler for performing daily tasks such as grasping and picking up objects, holding a spoon to eat or holding a crayon to draw.