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Top Developmental Toys for Autistic Children

Engaging autistic children in play activities can be quite a difficult task which requires a lot of patience and encouragement. Best Developmental Toys for Autistic children are those that match their limited abilities, are easy to operate and don’t cause any frustration for children. Learn To Play Toys offers a variety of toys suitable for kids with special needs. Here is our list for Top Developmental Toys for Autistic Children. These toys are not only fun but also encourage important developmental skills in children with autism.

Toys for Autistic Children: Tactile Turn N MatchTactile Turn N Match

Tactile Turn N Match is a developmental toy addressing sensory challenges in autistic children. It includes five pentagonal shapes rotating on a stationary rod, displaying a different tactile material on each face. Tactile Turn N Match alleviates tactile defectiveness and improves concentration in autistic children.



Magnetic Color Sorter

Toys for Autistic Children: Magnetic Color SorterMagnetic Color Sorter helps autistic children with sorting and organizational skills. Children are able to use the magnetic wand to move and organize the multi-color chips through the carved path of the tray. The magnetic effect helps children to easily move the chips in the desired direction. Magnetic Color Sorter also improves motor skills and color recognition skills in children.



Toys for Autistic Children: Fun With ColorsFun with Colors

Fun with Colors is an educational game that combines learning and social interaction into a fun and exciting play activity. Encouraging communication in autistic children is a key challenge for parents and educators. Fun with Colors helps you to engage your child in a learning activity that’s not only fun but also invites the entire family to play and participate.




Rainbow RollerToys for Autistic Children: Rainbow Roller

The distinct feature of the Rainbow Roller is its adjustable tracks and the sound effects the shapes produce as they slide over the tracks. Rainbow Roller helps autistic children with understanding of motion and recognizing various sounds, shapes and colors. Rainbow Roller improves hand-eye coordination and fine motor-skills in children.




Toys for Autistic Children: Tai Chi Loop BallTai Chai Loop Ball

Tai Chair Loop Ball inspired by the traditional Chinese Tal-Chi exercise encourages twisting, body movements and balance control in children. This developmental toy helps children with autism with posture control, concentration and visual tracking of objects.




Toys for Autistic Children: Rainbow Sound BlocksRainbow Sound Blocks

Rainbow Sound Blocks provide children with autism a multi-sensory play experience that stimulates excitement and fun. Children are able to arrange and stack up the blocks based on their own imagination. Each block produces a different sound as children try to sort, match and stack the blocks on top of each other.



Toys for Toddlers with Motor Skill Difficulties

Motor skill disorder also referred to as motor coordination disorder or motor dyspraxia is a common illness among toddlers and young children. At Learn To Play Toys, we know how hard it is to find the right toys that help your child with special needs to play, improve and develop the necessary early-childhood abilities.

That’s why we put together a list of developmental toys suitable for toddlers with motor-skill difficulties. These developmental toys feature special designs and characteristics that help your toddler develop the fine motor skills and practice the essential functions of hands and fingers.


New Posting House Shape SorterHouse Shape Sorter for Toddlers with Motor Skill Difficulties

The New Posting House Shape Sorter is ideal for toddlers with hand-movement difficulties. The major advantage of this shape sorter is that its roof can be easily swung open and closed with one hand.



Giant Knob Shape Puzzle for Toddlers with Motor Skill DifficultiesGiant Knob Shape Puzzle

This unique shape puzzle includes enlarged knobs attached to each puzzle for easy gripping and moving of the puzzle pieces. Toddlers with motor difficulties can practice reaching, gripping, grasping and moving objects as well as learning about shapes and colors.



Tricky Fish for Toddlers with Motor Skill DifficultiesTricky Fish

The Tricky Fish is designed in the shape of a fish. Toddlers move and swing the ball around the tracks just like a fish swimming in their hands. This developmental toy helps toddlers with motor difficulties to improve and strengthen the flexibility of their wrists, their muscle control and reflex abilities. Tricky Fish is available in green and blue colors.



Cursive Tracking Board for Toddlers with Motor Skill DifficultiesCursive Tracking Board

This innovative developmental toy is an excellent choice for kids with 3 years of age and above who suffer from motor skills disorder. Kids are able to move the giant knobs through the geometric paths as they train their fine motor abilities and hand-eye coordination skills.



Elephant Push Toy for Toddlers with Motor Skill DifficultiesElephant Push Toy

This giant elephant is measured 8” long x 5” wide x 6” tall. This large Elephant Push Toys is designed for easy gripping and handling by toddlers. Kids with hand-movement difficulties are able to coordinate the first body movements by simply practicing pushing, pulling and rolling.



Giant Circle Puzzle for Toddlers with Motor Skill DifficultiesGiant Circle Puzzle

This giant shape puzzle consists of 8 interlocking parts. Toddlers are able to hold, move and handle the large pieces easily to find the right fit. Giant Circle Puzzle helps toddlers improve fine motor skills and develop shape and color recognition.