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Waiting Room Toys

Top Waiting Room Toys for Businesses, Medical Offices and Child Care Facilities

If you are running a business with a lot of customers waiting in the lobby area, then waiting room toys should be an integral part of your business plan. The truth is kids need something to do when they are waiting. Waiting room toys are ideal for keeping children engaged, the lobby quiet and customers or clients undisturbed while waiting to be served. Learn To Play Toys offers an excellent selection of waiting room toys for all types of businesses including medical offices, day care facilities, hair salons, banks and hospitals. Here, we present six of the most favorite waiting room toys we offer to our broad range of business owners and office managers.

Garden Activity Cube

Waiting Room Toys: Garden Activity CubeThe Garden Activity Cube is ideal for preschool and kindergarten age children.
This waiting room toy comes with a wire maze on top plus six sides of play activities which include sliding beads, spinning gears, shapes and pegs.

Product Code: 33285
Dimensions: 15” H x 16” W x 16” D



Rainbow Roller

Waiting Room Toys: Rainbow RollerThe Rainbow Roller brings hours of fun and entertainment to children.
The Rainbow Roller includes four levels of tracks and three shape wheels. Each wheel presents a distinct sound and pattern when slide on top of the tracks.

Product Code: WED-3122
Dimensions: 12” x 3.5” x 12.5”




Ocean Adventure Knee High Table

Waiting Room Toys: Ocean Adventure Knee High TablePlay in a colorful water world without getting wet!
Featuring wooden fish, sliding shapes and printed graphics, the Ocean Adventure makes its way in one of our top favorites among waiting room toys.

Product Code: E1805
Dimensions: 15.5” D x 20” H





Country Critters Play Cube

Waiting Room Toys: Country Critters Play CubeThe main theme for Country Critters is the animal adventure. Featuring a uniquely designed wire maze on top and activity centers on four sides, this play cube will certainly occupy all the young children in any waiting room.

Product Code: E1810
Dimensions: 14” L x 14” W x 19.5” H





Coral Reef Activity Center

Waiting Room Toys: Coral Reef Activity CenterIf you’re looking for a sturdy and heavy duty play cube that will last for years, then Coral Reef Activity Center is for you.
Featuring a colorful wire maze on top and six sides of ocean play activities, the Coral Reef play cube will keep children quietly and pleasantly engaged while parents wait for their appointments.

Product Code: E1907
Dimensions: 29” L x 29” W x 40” H




Auto Play Center

Waiting Room Toys: Auto Play CenterThe extra large and well made wooden Auto Play Center is an ideal toy for busy waiting rooms.
Auto Play Center features four stories and six vehicles.

Product Code: P-7
Dimensions: 28” x 19” x 28”