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Review for Rainbow Sound Blocks

Rainbow Sound Blocks are aimed for young children between the ages of 2 and 6. This educational toy teaches shapes, colors, sound recognition as well as matching and sorting skills to children. Rainbow Sound Blocks include six hollow wooden blocks each covered with a colorful plastic window. Shapes are circles, squares and rectangles. Inside each wooden block, there are rattling beads of different sizes producing a unique sound as each block is shaken.

Review for Rainbow Sound Blocks

Children can enjoy playing with Rainbow Sound Blocks while involved in one of these three learning activities:

(1) Building Blocks: Babies and toddlers are able to stack up these blocks, mix them with other construction toys and enjoy playing with them as a building block set.

(2) Rattles: Babies and toddlers love making noises. Children enjoy the unique sound that comes out of these blocks when they shake them and carry them around.

(3) Play Shapes and Colors: Children are able to learn basic shapes and colors. They are able to look through each individual block and see objects in the color associated with the block itself.


Review for Rainbow Sound BlocksAn Educational Toy for Toddlers and Kindergarteners, But Not a Science Toy

Our experience with Rainbow Sound Blocks indicates that they make an excellent educational toy for any young children below the elementary school age. Rainbow Sound Blocks are mainly building blocks that rattle. Their main function is to entertain young children while teaching them basic shape, color and sound recognition skills.

If you are buying Rainbow Sound Blocks for a science class, you may get disappointed. Rainbow Sound Blocks are not meant to be used for science experiments. Color combinations do not display perfectly when blocks of different colors are put together. The sound that’s coming from small beads rattling inside the blocks is not tuned and not musical by any means.


Review for Rainbow Sound BlocksBenefits of Playing with Rainbow Sound Blocks

  • Improves hand-eye coordination skills
  • Promotes fine and gross motor skills in children
  • Teaches association skills through sounds, shapes and colors



This well-made educational toy is the winner of the Silver Practical Pre-School Award in 2006, and the National Parenting Publications Award in 2001



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