Toy Cars, Trucks, and More!

Toy Cars, Trucks, and More!

Learn To Play Toys selection of Toy Cars, Trucks and More includes a variety of toy vehicles and aircrafts which children will love and adore. This delightful collection will allow your child to take control of the wheels by imitating an actual car, truck or airplane ride experience. Featuring unique design and quality craftsmanship, our beautiful assortment of toy vehicles promises exhilarating fun and fascination to all children.

Majority of our Toy Cars, Trucks and Aircrafts are non-motorized and made of high-quality wood to allow children to take control of the play instead of having the toy do the work for them. Our toy vehicles are available in a variety of models, sizes, colors and finishes. Browse our selection of Toy Cars, Trucks and More below. 

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Remote Control - Go Green Recycle Truck  Toy Cars, Trucks, and More!
Fasten your seat belt and go recycle as you learn about recycling with this fun filled toy! Go Gree..


Toy Cars, Trucks and More: Classic Toys for a Worldwide Play

Learn To Play Toys encourages the open-ended nature of creative play by promoting toys that allow children to make the most contribution to the play while using their own actions and imagination. Our goal is to help children learn and grow by providing toys that allow children to freely explore while stimulating their creativity and natural thinking process.

Our beautiful selection of Toy Cars, Trucks and More promote creative and enjoyable play experiences for every child in the family. Children imitate the sounds of starting the engine, speeding up and screeching the brakes using our Toy Cars. Children are able to use the wooden Toy Trucks to load and unload the lumber or a towed vehicle. They are also able to go for a ride on any of our Toy Planes and Helicopters exploring the land below.

Our Wooden Toy Cars and Trucks are crafted from natural wood and made in the USA. For more variety of transportation vehicles, check out our selection of Wooden Toy Trains available in a variety of shapes and designs.

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