Wooden Toy Trains for Kids

Wooden Toy Trains for Kids

Learn To Play Toys offers an impressive selection of Wooden Toy Trains for Kids perfectly made to the size of small hands to hold and push along. Our Wooden Toy Trains are great for birthday gifts, baby showers, Holiday celebrations or any time you want to celebrate a child's name.

Choose from any of our four categories of Name Trains below. We offer four Letter-Based Lines of Name Trains: Clear Finish Name Trains, Bright Color Name Trains, Pastel Color Name Trains, and the Simple Timber Toots Wood Block Cars with printed letters on the sides. Pick the number of letters you want, type the name you want your train to have in the Name Box and simply add the product to your cart. 

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All Aboard the Train! Woooh! Woooh!

Do you want your train to carry a name for you? Our collection of Name Trains can be the most unique personalized gift your child gets! Our Toy Trains are high quality and American made. They even come with wooden train tracks custom made to fit the wheels of your train.

Learn To Play Toys also carries a variety of regular Wooden Toy Trains made of high quality materials. Our collection of No-Letter Train Sets includes Train Sets, Car Sets and Midget Trains. These wooden trains make an excellent gift for any child and for any occasion. Kids enjoy hours of fun playtime with our fabulous line of Wooden Toy Trains.  

Looking for a fun and enjoyable play experience? You’ve come to the right place. Whether looking for Name Trains or no-letter train sets, our Wooden Toy Trains prove to be the perfect choice for any train enthusiast, collectors or any children. Our toy trains can be used as developmental toys to help young children improve motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

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