Learning Games for Kids

Learning Games for Kids

Children learn best through play; that’s why Learn To Play Toys believes Learning Games are essential tools for children’s education. Our collection of Learning Games for Kids provides children an opportunity to learn, play and have fun. Learning Games are suitable for every age group including K-12 students and young adults. Even parents and grandparents can play and enjoy the game with younger children.

Learn To Play Toys offers an outstanding line of fun educational games in many interesting categories. Our selection of Learning Games for Kids provides educational content in important subjects such as spelling, math, counting, alphabets, history and science. Check our wonderful selection of Learning Games for Kids below.

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Dominoes, Animal Learning Games
Beyond just a game of dominoes, children can reinforce their matching skills. Made from locally sour..
Dominoes, Vehicle Learning Games
Children 3 to 8 can sharpen their color-matching and pair-matching skills with this set of 28 Vehicl..
Memory Tiles, American Icons Learning Games
12 different national symbols are depicted on this set of American Icons Memory Tiles. A little hist..
Memory Tiles, Environment Learning Games
Introduce the "green way" early to your children. This set of memory tiles has images for ..
Memory Tiles, Pirates Learning Games
Kids will have fun matching their favorite buccaneer or treasure - plenty of matches to make. Pirate..
Texture Dominoes Learning Games
Texture dominoes are an ideal way to help children develop tactile discrimination and visual pe..


Learning Games Contribute Towards Better Education

Our line of Learning Games for Kids encourages social interaction, problem solving and critical thinking in children. Each learning game provides a game plan that uses enjoyment, passionate involvement, creativity and emotions to prepare children for learning and introduce them to new educational topics. Kids will learn new ideas, discover new information and attempt to create solutions for problems while involved in an active play. Above all, Learning Games help children develop important intellectual and social skills.

Learn To Play Toys provides fun and educational games that engage and entertain the entire family! It’s now time to get your children excited about learning! Check our popular collection of Learning Games for Kids including Math Animals, Buzz Off, Spelling Beez, Somebody, Relationality and many more. Our Learning Games are informative and exciting. Learning Games are also great motivational tools for building relationships as kids and families get to play together and have fun simultaneously.  

Be sure to browse our lovely selection of Learning Toys for Kids including PuzzlesWriting and Spelling Toys, and Math, Number and Counting Toys specifically designed to entertain and teach your children.

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