Science Toys for Kids

Science Toys for Kids

Our selection of Science Toys for Kids includes innovative and intellectual educational toys offering science activities in areas of physics, chemistry, biology, anatomy, engineering and technology. Our products are used by teachers, parents, homeschoolers as well as little and young scientists. Our extensive and unique line of Science Toys for Kids is suitable for schools, home schools, science classrooms and laboratories.

At Learn To Play Toys, our goal is to make learning fun and exciting for children. From elementary school through high school, we have something to offer to students from every grade. Our collection of Science Toys for Kids inspires children’s interest and love for science and builds a firm foundation for their academic growth and future success.

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Animal Cell Model only Science Toys
In a universe that is forever fascinating, many times the magical distinction is between animate and..
DNA Model Kit (12 Packets) Science Toys
Build a segment of the DNA consisting of Adenine, Thymine, Cytosine and Guanine. Color-coded pieces ..
Early Childhood Science Exploration Kit Science Toys
Explore Physical Science concepts and encourage creativity while investigating scientific ideas..
Electricity Science Kit Science Toys
Show your students the exciting properties of electricity with actual experiments which produce visi..
Equal Arm Beam Balance Science Kit Science Toys
An educational standard, this balance features a durable one-piece base, moded of high impact styren..
Exploring Your Senses Kit Science Toys
Encourage students' creativity while they explore the wonders of the human senses. Hands-on expe..
Grip Tester Science Kit Science Toys
Measure  physical  grip  strength  and  discover the relationship betw..
Human Heredity Made Easy Science Toys
The unique characteristics of this “Science Made Easy” Kit allows you  and &nb..
Illuminated Orbiter (Science Kit) Science Toys
Light up the Sun with this version of Orbiter. This model can be plugged into a standard wall outlet..
Jewel 18" Terrarium Science Toys
These high quality terraria features angle iron construction with safety clips on all corners. Like ..
Light Pad Science Toys
Ultra-slim LED light pad (.75" profile) with a hardwood beech frame provides a bright, consiste..
Little Shop of Physics (LSOP) Electricity Science Toys
A group of three students becomes the battery that runs a clock, while other students light a neon l..
Little Shop of Physics (LSOP) Energy Science Toys
How long can you run a toy car with 1 minute of solar power? Which has more energy, blue light or re..
Little Shop of Physics (LSOP) Motion Science Toys
Motion: Take a cup of water through a maze at high speed, and use music to measure the motion o..
Little Shop of Physics (LSOP) Pressure Science Toys
Mash marshmallows, vacuum pack a student, and take the suction cup challenge... The goal is to teach..


About Our Science Toys  

Learn To Play Toys encourages parents and teachers to place a special focus on Science Toys in children’s activities from an early age. Science Toys are great tools that help children learn about the natural world and the laws of nature at a young age. Here you will find the best selection of science kits and science experiments for kids where children experience things in a hands-on way, learning by doing and through active play.

Children love to experiment things from an early age in order to fulfill their sense of curiosity. That’s why Learn To Play Toys has put together a vast selection of Science Toys for Kids where children get to perform their own science experiments.

Check our collection of Little Shop of Physics, the Famous Science Kits for Kids, and our most favorite the Solar System Simulator. Our Science Toys are unique and are designed to serve your child’s sense of play and curiosity. Browse our collection of Techno Gears Marble Mania where kids get to construct a marble run and watch the marble bounce and move in the transportation tubes. Marble Runs are great tools to teach children about the principles of physics and mechanics such as speed, inertia and gravity.

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