Canto 1-Piece Soprano Recorder (Red)

Canto 1-Piece Soprano Recorder (Red)Canto 1-Piece Soprano Recorder (Red)
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The Canto 1-Piece Soprano Recorder is an entry-level instrument economically priced to accommodate tight budgets. This Baroque fingering recorder is available as a one-piece instrument in either dark brown or ivory, and in translucent blue, green, purple, red or yellow. Includes cloth carrying bag, cleaning rod and fingerin chart. Translucent Red finish. CR101R

What exactly is a recorder?
The recorder is a woodwind musical instrument of the family known as fipple flutes or internal duct flutes — whistlelike instruments which include the tin whistle and ocarina. The recorder is end-blown and the mouth of the instrument is constricted by a plug, known as a block or fipple.
It is distinguished from other members of the family by having holes for seven fingers (the lower one or two often doubled to facilitate the production of semitones) and one for the thumb of the uppermost hand.


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