Bolo Toss 3D Game

Bolo Toss 3D GameBolo Toss 3D Game
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Bolo Toss 3D Game Bolo Toss 3D Game Bolo Toss 3D Game
Brand: DWG
Product Code: BOLO3D-GM-00116
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Bolo Toss Game 3-D™is an innovative twist on the already popular game of Ladder Golf. Players fling bolo balls at a target trying to get the bolos to wrap around the different levels of poles to score various points; first to 21 points wins! With 58% smaller packaging than any competitor, and components that create three games in one, this bolo game’s design sets it apart from the pack.


  • 3-D Design Creates New Games and More Excitement
  • Play from all 4 sides = more players
  • Stable base that won’t tip over during game play
  • Super Collapsible; Quick Setup; No Loose Parts
  • Soft Rubber Bolos and Fabric Base – play on any surface, even indoors

Package includes:

  • 1 Collapsible 3-D Bolo Tower with Dropping Bolos Mat
  • 6 Bolos (3 each of 2 colors)
  • 1 Zippered Nylon Carry Bag with Shoulder Strap
  • Multiple Game Rules

Players: 2 - 8 
Ages: 8+ 

Object (Standard Game): Be the first player or team to score 21 points by hanging or wrapping Bolo Balls on the poles of the tower. Score more points for the higher the pole. Other Game Play Options are included in the package.

Standard Game Play: 

  1. Bolo Toss can be played by two players, or any team combination up to 4 teams, each tossing at one side of the 3-D target. 
  2. A game consists of a series of rounds with scoring taking place at the end of each round. Each team gets 3 bolos of matching color.  Teammates take turns alternating each round. A round consists of all bolos being tossed at the target. 
  3. Players should stand at a mark 25 feet away from the Bolo Toss target. A coin toss can determine who goes first or with multiple teams the youngest team may start. 
  4. Players take one bolo at a time and toss it at the target. Suggested toss: Hold one ball of the bolo in your hand with the other ball dangling below, swing it back and forth under handed, then release it towards the tower to create a backward spin. 
  5. Tosses alternate between teams, once all are thrown take score, remove and start next round.
  6. Play continues until one team reaches 21 points. 

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