Light Up Corntoss Bean Bag Game

Light Up Corntoss Bean Bag GameLight Up Corntoss Bean Bag Game
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Light Up Corntoss Bean Bag Game Light Up Corntoss Bean Bag Game
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Driveway Games' Light Up Corntoss - Bean Bag Game™ is a revolutionary, and exciting new twist to the popular outdoor game. Now when the sun goes down the fun can continue, with battery powered LED lights that illuminate a landing strip and the target hole! Rugged wood construction; paired with long lasting, energy efficient LED’s; and our top selling All Weather Bean Bags™ make this a value packed game, unlike anything else on the market!


  • Manufacturer's 60 day limited warranty against material manufactured defects.
  • Unique Light UP Targets – 9 hour battery powered LEDs
  • Top quality all weather bean bags
  • Official Size & bonus storage bag

Package includes:

  • 2 pcs - Light Up Targets
  • 4 pcs Red all weather bean bags
  • 4 pcs Blue all weather bean bags
  • 1 pc Zippered Storage Bag
  • Game rules

Players: 2-4 
Batteries Required: 4 AA (not included) needed for light use only 
Object: Be the first player or team to score 21 points by tossing more bean bags through the hole, or on the board top, than your opponent. 

Game Play: 

  1. Light Up Corntoss – Bean Bag Games can be played by two players or four players divided into two teams. 
  2. A game consists of a series of rounds with scoring taking place at the end of each round. A round consists of all eight bean bags being tossed at the opposite board 
  3. Players on each team shall take position alongside opposite targets, thus each partner will compete against an opponent from the other team. 
  4. Each team chooses a color bean bag and shall toss all four bags of this color each round. 
  5. All eight bags start at one target and a coin flip determines which team shall toss first. 
  6. The player with honors tosses one bean bag at the opposing target. 
  7. A player may toss from anywhere behind the front edge of the target they are tossing from. 
  8. The round continues by alternating tosses between the two opponent players until all eight bags have been tossed. 
  9. Scoring is done at the end of each round.
  10. Players at the opposing end now toss the bags back to compete in the next round, the team that scored last has honors and shall toss first in each round. 
  11. Play continues until one team reaches 21 points. 

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