Mountain Loft (Premium Painted Wood Outdoor Playset)

Mountain Loft (Premium Painted Wood Outdoor Playset)Mountain Loft (Premium Painted Wood Outdoor Playset)
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Mountain Loft (Premium Painted Wood Outdoor Playset) Mountain Loft (Premium Painted Wood Outdoor Playset)
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Product Code: V68CAB
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The Treehouse Loft Playset includes:

  • 6'x6'x5' Playhouse
  • 3' porch
  • child size door
  • 1 working window with screen
  • ladder with safety rails
  • 10' wave slide
  • 1 rubber sling swing


  • Playhouse is fully weatherproofed. Your children can leave their toys in the the playhouse without worry.
  • Splinter free coating with our specially formulated signature red paint
  • Soft grip chain is standard on all swing activities.
  • Bases are reinforced at the corners and double bolted at the corners and other critical joints.
  • Fasteners and brackets include a combination of stainless steel, galvanized, and powder coated products.

Delivery and Installation:

  • Delivery times vary from two weeks to eight weeks, depending on the time of the year and the size of the set.
  • Most of our products are shipped as partially-assembled kits. If it is a partially-assembled kit, it will be shipped to you in a completely enclosed truck, or on an open truck and trailer shrink wrapped, keeping it clean and safe. You will need two or three people, at a minimum, to unload the playset by hand.
  • We are very proud of our detailed assembly manuals. They consist of ten to twenty pages and include 75 to 125 small pictures of the assembly process, along with text detailing each picture.
  • A handy-man or homeowner with some carpentry experience/skills is required.
  • Most of our smaller sets can be assembled in a few hours. Larger sets take more time.
  • The playhouse is waterproof. When assembled properly, the interior remains dry in inclement weather. Much like a real home, toys left out in one of our custom-built playhouses will be safe, dry and secure. Children can even play in the playhouse on a rainy day and not get wet!

Wood Playset Construction Features:
It all starts with the wood... Our finish makes our sets virtually maintenance-free.

  1. Hi-density poly decking won't split, crack, splinter, or need painting. 
  2. Multiple coats of our specially formulated paint makes our surfaces weather resistant.
  3. We use heavy 1/2" bolts, nuts, and washers with heavy, powder-coated steel brackets to insure stability.
  4. All of our bases are heavily reinforced at the corners.
  5. Solid trim on all roof edges and corners.
  6. 4"x4", 4"x6", and 6"x6" Pine posts are used for stability.
  7. Heavy powder-coated steel brackets.
  8. Heavy cast iron swing hangers for a smooth, squeak-free ride.
  9. Our wide ramps are solidly constructed and securely attached to the deck.

Design Features:
Your child's safety is our highest priority. 
We have engineered safety into every play system.

  1. We have no conflicting play areas, such as swings hanging from monkey bars.
  2. The top rung of the ladder is even with the deck.
  3. Sure-grip powder-coated ladder rungs.
  4. The angle of the ladder is adjusted to prevent and minimize the likelihood of falling through the rungs.
  5. All hardware is recessed to protect your child from sharp edges.
  6. We've made sure there's ample room between the ramp and slide for maximum safety going up the ramp or down the slide.
  7. We have engineered safety into every play system. Our railings are constructed 32" high to prevent falls and are spaced 3" apart to prevent your child from getting stuck.
  8. Huggably smooth finish.
  9. Cedar Roof upgrade for Play House.
  10. Dutch Door is standard.
  11. Arched-top, fixed pane window with safety glass.
  12. Real working windows with safety glass, screens, shutters, and trim.
  13. Modular Design.
  14. We stand behind our sets! We offer a 12-month limited warranty on your Pinnacle Play System.

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